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Bryan Adams

Artist: Bryan Adams | Génere: Rock, Pop | Country: CA | Ripp: FLAC–>MP3 | Soft: EAC | Year: 1980 – 2014 | Cover: Front | Format: MP3 (tracks) | Bibrate: 320 Kbps (lossy) | Disc: 26 CDs | Duration: 18:46:04 | Font: http://www.discografiascompletas.net | Password: discografiascompletas | Wikipedia | Official Page



1980 Bryan Adams (Pony Canyon Inc., D20Y4003)
1981 You Want It, You Got It (Pony Canyon Inc., D20Y4002)
1983 Cut's Like A knife (Pony Canyon Inc., D20Y4001)
1984 Reckless (Canyon Records, D32Y3007)
1987 Into The Fire (Pony Canyon Inc., PCCY-10082)
1991 Waking Up The Neighbours (Polydor K.K., POCM-9001/2) - Deluxe Edition 2CD
1996 18 Til I Die (Polydor K.K., POCM-1170)
1998 On A Day Like Today (Polydor K.K., POCM-1266)
2002 Spirit - Stallion Of The Cimarron (Universal Music, UICA-1008)
2004 Room Service (Universal Music, UICP-1058)
2008 11 (Universal Music, UICP-1089)
2014 Tracks Of My Years (Universal Music, UICP-1163)


1988 Hits On Fire (Pony Canyon Inc., D50Y3205)
1988 Live! Live! Live! (Pony Canyon Inc., PCCY-10080)
1993 So Far So Good (Polydor K.K., POCM-1045)
1997 MTV Unplugged (Polydor K.K., POCM-1228)
2005 Anthology (Universal Music, UICP-1065/6)


1995 Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman (Polydor K.K., PODM-1053)
1996 Let's Make A Night To Remember (Polydor K.K., POCM-1182)
1996 The Only Thing That Looks Good On Me Is You (Polydor K.K., POCM-1169)
1997 18 Til I Die (Polydor K.K., POCM-1219)
1997 I Finally Found Someone (Polydor K.K., POCM-1182)
1998 On A Day Like Today (Polydor K.K., POCM-1267)
1998 When You're Gone (Polydor K.K., POCM-1272)
1999 The Best Of Me (Polydor K.K., POCM-1287)